About Us

Since March 11th 2020 and now well into the year 2021, we've been plunged in a worldwide pandemic. These unprecedented times touched us all in various ways and will go down in history amongts the most devastating tragedies.

COVID-19 forever affected our lives. It led us to rethink the way we go about our day-to-day activities, but most speficically to adapt our way of life to this new reality. Our shared future has never been this unclear and we know for a fact that we'll refer to the "pre" and "post" COVID eras.

The drastic changes to our everyday life imposed by the pandemic and facing the unknown took us on an emotional journey. For some, it was stress, anxiety and tears; for others everything just slowed down and this new lifestyle offered opportunites to spend more time with their families and focus on themselves. 

This project came to be during a regular/not-so-regular lunch hour as a the few remaining essential workers of an office shared what they were looking forward the most. To see friends and relatives took the top spot. Lacovid Apparel is a response to this discussion; a medium for everyone around the globe to deliver a message of hope or to express their views towards this challeging crisis.